Burmester B18 All Lines Floor-standing Loudspeaker Pair

Burmester B18 All Lines Floor-standing Loudspeaker Pair

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The B 18 loudspeaker was developed to be comfortably sized yet extremely musical and dynamic. A universal sound talent, the B 18 is a 2½-way bass reflex speaker with a front-firing design. Free shipping to the continental US only !

The B18 loudspeaker has been developed as a 2½-way bass reflex speaker with a front-firing design and is a universal sound talent: space-saving, yet at the same time extremely musical and dynamically thrilling. The high-frequency reproduction benefits from the ring radiator which is custom-made for Burmester and guarantees optimum clarity and resolution. The low-mid and mid-low drivers are a derivative on the basis of the proven chassis which has already earned the B10 compact speaker an impressive sound performance. The highly complex frequency crossover sits in an isolated enclosure chamber, just like the low-mid driver whose own sealed compartment yields an outstandingly clean mid-frequency performance.

Impressions with attention to detail.

Recognisable as a typical Burmester even from the very first glance, the B18 loudspeaker makes use of characteristic design elements of Burmester's loudspeakers.


The B18 Loudspeaker presents itself in a modern and at the same time timeless design. The cabinet is available with a surface in high gloss makassar laminate, high gloss dark walnut or high gloss black with front-elements in black anodized. If you chose the cabinet in high gloss white or high gloss light walnut, the speaker comes with front-elements in silver anodized. A fully re-designed, computerized spring-mass damping system ensures an optimum decoupling of the speaker and makes it extremely resistant to floor vibrations. Supported by the cabinet, which has been optimized using FEM analysis, the massive and particularly torsion-resistant aluminum-MDF sandwich front delivers an accurate, precise bass and reduces cabinet resonances significantly.

Handmade in Germany

Apart from a mechanical damping through a plastic foam cylinder, the B18 loudspeaker has a bass switch to tweak the bass intensity to the ambient room conditions and your personal listening taste. This offers the listener a variety of options to harmonise the sound intensity level concerning the bass performance.


Weight 34.8 kg
Height 1056 mm
Wide 204 mm
Depth 395 mm
Nominal Load Capacity 120 Watt
Sensitivity at 2.83 Volt / 1m  88 dB
Nominal Impedance  4 Ω
Frequency Response + / -3 dB 42 - 30k Hz
High-frequency Converter  Ring radiator
Midrange Converter  170 mm glass fibre membrane
Low-frequency Converter   170 mm glass fibre membrane
Transfer Frequencies  400 / 23k Hz