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SR-260 / SR-250 Battery & Cover , Model C4-RBATT-250

SR-260 / SR-250 Battery & Cover , Model C4-RBATT-250

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Key Features

- Lithium-polymer battery to power your Control4 SR-250 or SR-260 remote control

- Sleek battery cover features magnetic connectors to seat your remote when it's charging

- Hundreds of charge cycles to extend the life of your Control4 remote investment

- Always have a battery handy to keep your remote up and running

If you're like most people, you always mean to remember to charge your Control4 SR-250 or SR-260 remote. Sometimes, you get interrupted, and you put it down without charging it. Keep an extra battery pack and cover around so that your remote is always ready to go.

Peace & Long Life

Control4's remote control batteries use lithium polymer construction that's capable of being charged again, again, and again. When you purchase more than one battery now and alternate them in your remote control, you're not going to have to purchase another battery. Not for a really long time.

Snug & Secure

Thanks to the magnetic seats on your Control4 battery cover, you'll never feel disappointed when you pick up your remote. The magnets ensure that your remote fits snugly in its recharging sleeve, seated into the charger, so that it's always ready when you need it.

Shipping Weight & Dimensions: 0.48 lbs, 7" ( W ) x 5" ( D ) x ( H ) 2" 

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