Focal 100 ICW8 8" In-Wall/In-Ceiling Loudspeaker

Focal 100 ICW8 8" In-Wall/In-Ceiling Loudspeaker

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Ideal for an in-ceiling music system or overhead effects channel in a high end home theater system or for a stereo background system . Free shipping to Continental US only !

Focal 100 ICW8 In-Wall/In-Ceiling 2-Way Coaxial Loudspeaker

The 100ICW8 loudspeaker which is dedicated to home audio and delivers an amazing sound quality and has a compact design. This product is aimed at small to medium sized rooms and for three types of use: distributed systems ( hallways, living rooms… ), stereo systems ( bedrooms, kitchens… ) and Home Cinema systems ( in dedicated rooms or living rooms ). The product is suitable for every room in the house, even in humid environments such as bathrooms. It can be used in-wall or in-ceiling.

This coaxial loudspeaker has a new aluminum inverted dome adjustable tweeter, more compact, improving sound dispersion. It is also equipped with a new Polyglass cone ( 8” – 21 cm ). A new crossover improves the off-axis listening and avoids the “shower effect”.

This product can be installed everywhere thanks to a compact design with the speaker driver’s basket and chassis being redesigned as a single piece and also to square and circular magnetic front grilles, frameless.

The 100 Series brings an unexpected musicality to your home with ease. Let yourself be surprised by the technology behind this product, an efficient design and ideal features for an easy use at this price.

Accessories required for installation are sold separately (pre-mounting kit and fire rated backcan)

Installation in Humid Environments

Tropicalisation is used on Polyglass membranes to allow the installation in humid environments, such as bathrooms. Humidity resistant speaker.

8" Polyglass cone. Natural midrange without colouration and rich bass.

Magnetic grilles ( round or square ) included with the product.

ODC crossover for controlled directivity and wider sound dispersion. Avoids having a ‘shower’ effect.

360° tweeter rotation and 20° inclination. Improved sound spatialization.

Ultra-rigid unibody. No vibrations.

1" aluminum inverted dome tweeter. Improved sound dispersion.

Adjustable tweeter level ( -3 dB, 0 dB, +3 dB ). Improved treble adjustment according to the acoustic environment.

4 mounting brackets with optimized grips to ensure quick and easy installation. Screw system that prevents screws from falling out when dismantling the product.

Key Points

- Product designed and developed in France by Focal

- Compact product with shallow mounting depth

- For in-ceiling or in-wall loudspeakers

- Possible to connect two loudspeakers to the same amplifier output

- Ready-to-paint grille


Type: In-wall/In-celling 2-way coaxial


8" Polyglass Midbass.

1" AI inverted dome Tweeter

Sensitivity: ( 2.83V/1m ) 90dB

Frequency Response: ( +/-3dB ) 53Hz-23kHz

Low Frequency Point: ( -6dB ) 40Hz

Nominal Impedance:

Minimal Impedance: 6.9Ώ

Recommended Amplifier Power: 25-150 Watt

External Dimensions: 9.75" x 4 3/8"

Cut-Out Diameter: 8 13/16"

Depth from Wall: 4 3/16"

Net Weight: (with front grille) 3.86 lbs 

Packing Dimensions: 12.2" ( W ) x 12.2" ( D ) x 7.25" ( H )

Total Shipping Weight: 4.73 lbs