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Focal Alpha Twin EVO Dual 6.5" Powered Studio Monitor ( Sold Each )

Focal Alpha Twin EVO Dual 6.5" Powered Studio Monitor ( Sold Each )

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Tailor-made for music creation and production, Focal Alpha Twin Evo studio monitors guarantee excellent sound coherence, no matter where you’re listening. Free Shipping to Continental US only !

Featuring a 1" aluminum tweeter and two 6.5" woofers with Slate-fiber cones, Alpha Twin Evo speakers deliver impressive SPLs and deep low-end extension. Developed and manufactured in Focal's workshops in France, Slatefiber cones are made from recycled carbon fiber and offer improved dynamics and tonal neutrality. Drawing on more than 40 years of acoustic expertise, Focal equipped Alpha Twin Evo studio monitors with a new large laminar port to minimize distortion and noise.

EVO is for Evolution

Expanding on the best-selling Alpha series, Alpha Twin Evo monitors offer a number of versatile new features. Ideal for a variety of applications including mixing, mastering and broadcast, Alpha Twin Evo monitors boast a new 1/4" ( 6.35 mm ) TRS jack input—in addition to the XLR and RCA analog input—enabling you to connect up to three audio inputs simultaneously. Keep energy costs down and prevent your amps from experiencing unwanted wear and tear using the automatic stand-by mode. Rear-panel EQ controls, including a dedicated low-frequency shelf offering ±6 dB below 250 Hz and a high-frequency shelf offering ±3 dB above 4.5 kHz, make it easy to fine-tune your sound to suit any setting.

Precision French Engineering

Equipped with three of Focal’s custom drivers, Alpha Twin Evo loudspeakers deliver an extended frequency response from 38 Hz up to 22 kHz with a wide, balanced sweet spot that sounds great no matter where you’re sitting. Two powerful 50 Watt Class-D amplifiers drive the dual Slatefiber cones, while a separate 30 W Class-D amp powers the tweeter for a max SPL of up to 108 dB. Alpha Twin EVO monitors feature a 5/8" thick MDF cabinet, internal braces and a custom bass-reflex design to ensure consistent sound in any setting—even the most cramped spaces!


- Excellent dynamics

- Wide dispersion enabling the same sound to be maintained throughout the entire room

- Slatefiber cone manufactured in France: sound neutrality, no distortion

- Identical tonal balance at both low and high volume

- Connect up to 3 audio sources

- Protective grills included








Unit Height

26.9 lb

Active or Passive


Monitor Application


Speaker Configuration


Driver Sizes

Low F: 2 x 5" Slate-fiber cones

High F: 1" with aluminum inverted dome

Input Connectors

RCA, 1/4-inch TRS, Analog XLR

Amp Wattage

Low Frequencies: 2 x 50 Watt Class D

High Frequencies: 30 Watt Class D

Frequency Range

38 Hz - 22 kHz

Maximum SPL

108 dB (peak @1 m)

Shipping Weight & Dimensions: 34 lbs, 16" x17' x 26"