AWC 280 - T2 In-Ceiling Speaker

AWC 280 - T2 In-Ceiling Speaker

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The C-CAM bass drivers combine co-axially with MA’s 1" C-CAM tweeters, which are twinned on the AWC 280-T2 to deliver high performance stereo sound from a single unit where space is limited. Free shipping to Continental US only !

Stereo Playback from a Single Speaker

Here's a great problem-solving speaker for rooms where you want to hear high-quality music playback, but just have room for a single speaker. The Monitor Audio AWC280-T2 uses a dual-tweeter design to deliver the complete stereo mix without the need for an additional speaker.

It's perfect for kitchens, hallways, or any other room where you want music from a single in-ceiling location. The AWC280-T2 is also moisture-resistant, so you can use it in humid areas like your bathroom or covered porch with confidence. You'll enjoy solid bass from the 8" woofer, and smooth highs from two 1" gold dome C-CAM® tweeters.

A Built-in Enclosure Elevates your Sound

One of the best features about this speaker is its built-in back-box. This carefully designed enclosure helps the speaker deliver consistently focused, well-balanced sound no matter what kind of space is behind it in your ceiling. It also keeps dust, dirt, and moisture out of your speaker.

Optional square grille can be used with this model.


High performance C-CAM bass and high frequency drivers

- Stainless steel ‘trim-less’ grille – strong and resistant to corrosion

- Non-ferrous samarium cobalt magnets for grille attachment – prevent rust and corrosion

- IP55 certified for extreme climate conditions: salt spray, UV stability, water, vibration, anti-corrosion

- Patented tri-grip dog-leg fixings for easy, long-lasting installation

- EPDM barriers to prevent moisture. EPDM is an extremely durable synthetic rubber membrane ( ethylene propylene diene monomer )

- Gold plated push terminals with silicon cover

- Stainless fixing screws with silicone covers

- Tweeter level attenuation ( internal ) – set prior to installation

- Applications: pool rooms, bathrooms, marine deck, universal outdoor installation


Frequency Response: 50 Hz — 30k Hz

Sensitivity ( 1 watt @ 1 Meter ): 88 dB ( both channels driven )

Nominal Impedance: 8 + 8 ohms

Maximum SPL: 109 dBA

Power Handling ( RMS ): 100 watt

Recommended Amplifier Requirements: 20 — 100 watt

8" C-CAM cone bass driver
2 x 1" C-CAM gold dome tweeters ( fixed angle )

Adjustment Controls: HF Level Switch ( +3 dB / 0 dB / -3 dB ) - adjustable at the point of installation

Connection: 2 x ( 2 pairs ) gold plated push style terminal

Overall Diameter ( including grille ): 11 1/4"

Overall Depth ( including grille ): 1/32"

Cut-out hole Diameter: 3/4"

Mounting Depth: 7/8"

Optional square grille - outer dimensions: 11 1/4"

Fixing Type: 3 position tri-grip dog leg fixings

Construction Material: Mineral filled PC-ABS Polymer ( UL V0 fire retardant, RoHS2 compliant )

Grille: SS 430 stainless steel

Magnets: Samarium cobalt

Operating Temperature Range: -29° to 174° F

Weight: 6 lbs 2 oz

Pre-Construction Bracket: CB8 Pre-Construction Bracket ( Green )