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Monitor Audio CP - IW 460 X 3-Way Full Range In-Wall Speaker

Monitor Audio CP - IW 460 X 3-Way Full Range In-Wall Speaker

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The luxury CP - IW 260 X and CP - IW 460 X in-wall speakers combine Monitor Audio’s latest drivers in compact three-way, five-driver configurations. Free shipping to Continental US only!

The luxury CP - IW 460 X in-wall speakers combine Monitor Audio’s latest drivers in compact three-way, five-driver configurations, built into closed-box designs to deliver optimum audio performance. The CP - IW 460 X features Monitor Audio’s signature C-CAM® ( Ceramic-Coated Aluminum Magnesium ) cone material with RST® ( Rigid Surface Technology ) deployed in dual 6.5” bass drivers and twin 4” mids astride a high frequency, air motion ribbon tweeter in a symmetrical ‘B-M-T-M-B’ configuration. All within a cast polymer cabinet with die-cast Aluminum baffle.

An Audiophile Quality In-Wall Speaker

Utilising a high quality, cast polymer enclosure and high-end Monitor Audio ‘dimpled’ drive units, the CP-IW460X gives audiophile levels of sound from a very discreet design. Use it in a top-notch multi-room installation or as a concealed speaker setup in a multi-speaker home cinema system.

3-Way Design & High Power Handling for Full Range Dynamics

Although best used with a subwoofer for the ultimate movie dynamics, the 3-way design makes this a genuine full-range design. Dedicated twin bass units give a powerful sound, right down to 50Hz - about the same as a small floorstanding speaker. With a power rating of 150 watts, the CP-IW460X is also easily able to handle hefty AV receivers.

RST 'Dimpled' C-CAM Cone Technology for life-like Sound

Monitor Audio use innovative RST (Rigid Surface Technology) to provide speaker cones that are as light yet rigid as possible. The distinctive ‘dimpled’ look achieves the best balance, giving exceptional precision and accuracy of sound. The cones are support within die-cast alloy chassis’, giving the ultimate level of support for reduced distortion.

C-CAM Ribbon for a Super Smooth Treble Response

Usually the preserve of high-end hi-fi speakers, ribbon tweeters provide a super-smooth response that allows you to hear every detail. Monitor Audio’s unique design uses an ultra-thin sandwich of C-CAM alloy, for a super-fast and efficient response. Ideally suited to High Resolution audio, the CP-IW460X’s top end audio response is of genuine reference quality.

Discrete, low profile Design

Despite its broad, enveloping sound the CP-IW460X is a highly discreet wall speaker. The unique Tri-Grip fixing system is not only easy to install but also offers a superior fit, compared to conventional clamping systems. The magnetically attached grille is finished in white but can also be painted in your choice of colour to match your decor.

For the best sound possible – from an in-wall speaker – the Monitor Audio CP-IX460X sets the standard for others to follow.

- Dual 6.5” C-CAM® bass drivers featuring RST® ‘dimpled’ cone technology

- Die-cast alloy bass driver chassis provides rigidity; results in punch bass and clean mid-range performance due to reduced transfer of vibrations

- Dual 4” C-CAM mid-range drivers featuring RST ‘dimpled’ cone and underhung voice coil technologies

- C-CAM Ribbon High Frequency transducer

- Innovative HF rotating system to facilitate portrait or landscape orientation

- Integrated back-box to provide rear sound isolation resulting in ‘controlled performance’

- Cast Polymer enclosure – designed to provide high degree of rigidity and acoustic damping properties

- High overall efficiency and maximum SPL for powerful home theatre installations

- High power handling

- Three-way design in a symmetrical ‘B-M-T-M-B’ configuration

- High-end crossover design – featuring low loss inductors and audiophile grade Polypropylene capacitors

- Patented Tri-Grip® fixing system is easier to install than conventional clamping systems providing three times the surface area and improved sealing

- Trim-less, low profile magnetic grilles provide attractive, discreet visual aspect and easy installation and servicing

- Paintable grille to blend with the living environment