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PF-309 Conquerer MK4 Tonearm ( Special Order )

PF-309 Conquerer MK4 Tonearm ( Special Order )

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The PF-309 is a considerable advancement in tone arm design. It’s inherent musicality excels in all the important areas of performance. It has incredible resolution and dynamics along with a natural tonal balance through all frequencies.

All Pure Fidelity tone arms it represents extreme value in it price range The PF-309 is based on the brilliant TA-1000 with 3 important upgrades : Studio-quality internal wiring by Mogami
 New higher spec bearings  "Mahone" by Zavfino1877 external DIN cable.


- Highest grade Vertical and Horizontal bearings manufactured by SKF of Germany

- Hand selected precision bearings are precisely adjusted during production

- The bearings are added with minimal pre pressure to insure zero backlash, minimal friction and maximum stability

- Dual carbon arm tube for maximum stiffness and low resistance

- Studio quality Mogami wiring from cartridge tags to DIN connector

- DIN connected external cabling is "Mahone" by Zavfino1877

- Integral VTA adjustment collar

- Integral Azimuth adjustment

- Manufactured to our specifications by Acoustic Signature of Germany