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TEAC AI-301DA-X USB DAC / Stereo Integrated Amplifier Showroom Demo

TEAC AI-301DA-X USB DAC / Stereo Integrated Amplifier Showroom Demo

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In order to update the sound quality to meet today’s requirement for Hi-Res sound, our engineers have carried out an exhaustive development program, using selected parts ranges exclusively specified for hi-fi applications. In Store only!

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The AI-301 DA-X is a successor to the AI-301 DA, offering a newly refined audio performance tuned in Europe.

In order to update the sound quality to meet today’s requirement for Hi-Res sound, our engineers have carried out an exhaustive development programme, using selected parts ranges exclusively specified for hi-fi applications.

Supporting DSD 128 and PCM 192 / 32 input from PC / Mac, an improved analogue audio circuit delivers excellent sound quality, while a built-in Bluetooth®. receiver supports the Qualcomm® aptX™. codec, allowing you to enjoy high quality wireless audio streaming from a PC or tablet.

In addition, the AI-310 DA-X’s subwoofer pre-out and auto-power on / off functions allow you to create a compact 2.1 channel home theater system which can be set to automatically power up when your TV set is turned on.

Rich & Engaging Sound Quality, Refined in Europe


The previous AI-301 DA sounded excellent but our engineers have gone even further with AI-301 DA-X, listening, tuning and refining the audio quality over an extended period of time, the final tuning being carried out in Europe. The results of those efforts can be heard in the rich, musical character and considerable dynamic ability of this latest version.

High Performance Power Amplifier from ICE Power


The beating heart of the AI-301 DA-X is a high performance, energy efficient power amplifier module from ICEpower of Denmark. Thanks to its intelligent energy management technology, the AI-301 DA-X can deliver as much as 60 watt + 60 watt of output power.

Robust Aluminum Body & Small Footprint


A sleek and compact body with a small footprint ( 215 mm width, 254 mm depth and 61 mm height ) allows you to place the AI-301 DA-X in very small spaces, such as in a tiny gap in a TV stand or on a desktop. A beautifully machined aluminum volume knob and panels give it an innate feeling of elegance, while full-metal body construction achieves excellent vibration suppression, to minimise any adverse effects on sound quality.

Built-in Bluetooth®. rRceiver for Wireless Streaming


The AI-301 DA-X features a built-in Bluetooth®. receiver module supporting the Qualcomm® aptX™. codec for high quality wireless audio streaming. Qualcomm® aptX™. achieves low-latency and excellent error recovery, resulting in superb sound, qualities which have made this codec an industry-standard for wireless streaming. And, for the benefit of those streaming from an iPhone / iPad, the high-performance AAC codec is also supported.

Automatically Powers up on Detecting a Digital Signal

The AI-301 DA-X automatically turns on when an incoming digital audio signal is detected, and automatically turns off when the signal is switched off. This allows you to, for instance, switch on the AI-301 DA-X merely by powering up your TV set, ensuring you can enjoy enhanced TV audio with the minimum of fuss.

32-bit BurrBrown PCM 1795 D/A Converter


In order to process the huge amounts of digital audio data present in DSD 128 and PCM 192k Hz / 32-bit content, a high-performance BurrBrown PCM 1795 D/A converter is employed. Its 32-bit processing conveys fine detail and a depth of sound from Hi-Res files that’s far beyond what you can hear from standard audio CD.

Supports DSD 128 Native Playback


The AI-301 DA-X is equipped with a USB port supporting DSD Native playback. This directly converts DSD signal into an analogue waveform in ASIO 2.1 and DoP formats, without changing the PCM format. In addition, asynchronous transfer mode is also supported for accurate data transfer by referencing the more accurate on-board clock of the AI-301DA-X. Furthermore, a free TEAC HR Audio Player allows users to play back, Hi-Res files such as DSD 128 and PCM 192 / 32-bit from Windows / Mac without the need for complicated configuration.

High Quality 100 mW + 100 mW Headphone Output Stage

The AI-301 DA-X integrates TEAC’s CCLC ( Coupling Capacitor-less Circuit) into its onboard headphone amplifier, an innovation that that delivers rich bass sound and quick transient response, by eliminating capacitors in the output stage, while delivering 100 mW + 100 mW of output power ( 32 ohm load ).

Conventional Coaxial & Optical Digital Inputs

In addition to a USB audio input, conventional S / PDIF inputs are also provided, the coaxial digital input supporting signals up to 192k Hz / 24-bit while the optical supports up to 96k Hz / 24-bit.

Subwoofer Pre-Out for 2.1 System

A subwoofer pre-out on the AI-301 DA-X allows you to connect a powered subwoofer for extra bass sound in a 2.1 channel system, especially useful for TV sound enhancement.

TEAC AI-301DA-X Integrated Amplifier User's Manual

Features at a Glance

- Small footprint ( 215 × 254 × 61 mm ) for easy desktop placement

- Energy-efficient power amplifier from ICEpower of Denmark

- 60 watt + 60 watt maximum output power

- Supports DSD 128 and DSD 64 native playback ( on USB input )

- Supports PCM 192k Hz / 24-bit playback

- Asynchronous transfer mode

- BurrBrown PCM 1795 32-bit D / A Converter

- Built-in Bluetooth® receiver supports the Qualcomm™ aptX. codec

- CCLC headphone amplifier circuit

- Full-metal body

- USB Audio input

- Coaxial digital audio input

- Optical digital audio input

- RCA analogue audio inputs × 2

- Screw-type speaker terminals ( AWG 8-grade, also compatible with Banana plugs )

- Headphone output ( 1/4" Stereo phono jack )

- Subwoofer Pre-out ( RCA output )

- Motor-driven volume control with machined aluminum knob

- Detachable power cable

- Remote control included

- Auto-power on ( when the amp detects an incoming digital audio signal )

- Auto-power saving

- RoHS compliant

Shipping Weight & Dimensions: 7.2 lb, 15.5" x 13.5" x 6"