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805 D4 2-way Stand-mount Loudspeaker (Each)

805 D4 2-way Stand-mount Loudspeaker (Each)

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In Store Only!

 For Availability & Purchasing, please call us at (702) 910-4913.

Or if you have any questions, please contact us via Chat. 

Bowers & Wilkins 805 D4 2-way Stand-mount Loudspeaker

The 805 D4 stand-mount loudspeaker is the most compact model in the 800 Series Diamond™ range, but it’s still packed with advanced technologies, including the Diamond dome tweeter & the Solid Body Tweeter-on-Top.

* Stands are not Included. *

Reverse Wrap Cabinet

Instead of a flat-fronted speaker with a curving back, Bowers & Wilkins' cabinets are formed from one continuous curve, held together with a spine of solid aluminum. Fewer joins make for a stiffer, more inert structure and a curved front means less baffling around the drive units. So sound dispersion is improved, and cabinet reflection is reduced.

Continuum Cone™

Thanks to its composite construction, the Continuum™ cone avoids the abrupt transitions in behavior that can impair the performance of a conventional drive unit. The result is a more open, neutral performance that delivers voices and instruments with precision and transparency.

Aluminum Top-Plate

Every stereo model in the new 800 Series Diamond range has a significantly upgraded cabinet design with an all-new aluminum top section for even greater stiffness. The same design also provides a perfect mounting point for all-new Leather by Connolly cabinet detailing, with luxurious black leather for dark cabinets and light grey for lighter finishes.


All stereo models in the new 800 Series Diamond range now use rear-mounted crossover designs mounted on stiff aluminum spines. This isolates the sensitive capacitors from the unwanted effects of air pressure within the enclosure and makes for a very effective heatsink to ensure optimum performance when in use.

Leather by Connolly

The top section of every stereo model features an aluminum top plate, covered in all-new Leather by Connolly trim. Bowers & Wilkins uses luxurious, full-grain black leather for Gloss Black and Satin Rosenut finishes, and a light grey leather for White and Satin Walnut.

Diamond Dome Tweeter

One of our most significant accomplishments over the past two decades, the ultra-stiff, supremely accurate Diamond dome tweeter is the perfect combination of low mass, exceptional stiffness and outstanding accuracy. 15 years after we introduced it, we haven’t found a better tweeter dome technology.

Solid Body Tweeter Assembly

Our newest Solid Body Tweeter-on-Top housing features an elongated form with a longer tube-loading system, producing an even more free and open sound with high frequencies. The carefully decoupled housing is milled from a single solid block of aluminum to better resist resonance.

Rear-Mounted Crossover

The new reverse-wrap orientation of the cabinet on 805 D4 means we can place its sensitive crossover components inside their own, dedicated space within the cabinet, which has critical benefits to both performance and serviceability. We’ve taken the opportunity to upgrade the speaker terminals, too.

The Science of Sound

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do. We question, we examine, we understand and then we evolve. We use computer modeling to explore and reimagine every aspect of loudspeaker design. Learn more about all the technologies that combine to make 800 Series Diamond so special here.

AV Forums Review - 805 D4 Best Buy Award

" The 805 D4 is a masterclass in creating a truly magnificent soundstage that is always proportionate to the music being played and into which the speakers themselves simply vanish."

Details & Specifications

- Diamond tweeter

- Solid-body Tweeter-on-Top

- Continuum™ cone FST

- Anti-Resonance plug

- Matrix™

- Flowport

Description - 2-way vented-box system

Drive units: 1 x 25 diamond dome high-frequency, 1 x 6.5" Continuum cone FST midrange

Frequency Range: 34 Hz to 35 kHz

Frequency Response: ( +/-3 dB from reference axis ) - 42 Hz to 28 kHz

Sensitivity 88 dB

Harmonic Distortion:

2nd and 3rd harmonics ( 90 dB,1m on-axis )

<1% 90 Hz – 20 kHz

<0.3% 120 Hz – 20 kHz

Nominal Impedance: 8 Ω ( minimum 3.0Ω )

Recommended Amplifier Power: 50 watt – 120 watt into 8Ω on unclipped program

Speaker Dimensions: ( H ) 17.32" x ( D ) 14.7" x ( W ) 9.45"

Net Weight 34.28 lbs


1. Gloss Black Cabinet, Black Grille 

2. White Satin Cabinet, Grey Grille 

3. Rosenut Cabinet, Black Grille 

4. Satin Walnut Cabinet, Grey Grille

Shipping Weight & Dimensions: 42 lbs, 16" x 19" x 24"

Bowers & Wilkins 805 D4 User's Manual