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802 D4 Floorstanding Speaker ( Each )

802 D4 Floorstanding Speaker ( Each )

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In Store Only! For Availability & Purchasing, please call us at (702) 910-4913. Or if you have any questions, please contact us via Chat. Each Sold Separately ! Free shipping to Continental US only!

In Store Only!

 For Availability & Purchasing, please call us at (702) 910-4913.

Or if you have any questions, please contact us via Chat. 

Absolute Elegance

Built to similar proportions as the flagship 801 D4, the 802 D4 offers much of the performance of its sibling, including the same Turbine™

802 D4’s svelte proportions and beautiful painted or real-wood-veneer finishes make for an elegant living-room companion – but one that doesn’t compromise on performance. Perfect for reference-grade stereo listening and an excellent choice in home theater applications.

Aerofoil Bass Cone

Our Aerofoil bass cone technology remains an outstanding solution to the conundrum of combining low mass and high stiffness in bass cones, thanks to its carbon-fiber skin and variable-profile foam core. Now, we have added the foam Anti-Resonance Plug for lower distortion and even cleaner bass.

Aluminum Top-Plate

Every stereo model in the new 800 Series Diamond range has a significantly upgraded cabinet with an all-new aluminum top-plate. This also provides a perfect mounting point for all-new Leather by Connolly trim, with luxurious black leather for dark cabinets and light grey for lighter finishes.

Decoupled Midrange Assembly

Like its floor standing siblings in the new range, 802 D4 has a dedicated midrange cone using three key Bowers & Wilkins technologies: the Continuum cone, Biomimetic Suspension and midrange decoupling, the latter ensuring minimal interference from the operation of the loudspeaker’s bass drivers.

The Science of Sound

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do. We question, we examine, we understand and then we evolve. We use computer modeling to explore and reimagine every aspect of loudspeaker design. Learn more about all the technologies that combine to make 800 Series Diamond so special here.

One of our Best

802 D4 is a very special loudspeaker in its own right, with a thrilling blend of performance and style that other loudspeakers will find hard to emulate. Only one model in our range can best it – the flagship 801 D4, which has 250 mm (10 inches ) bass cones in a more substantial low-frequency enclosure.

Technical Features:

- 1" Diamond tweeter    

- 6" Continuum™ Cone FST™   
- Anti-Resonance plug    

- Turbine head

- Aerofoil™ cone bass units    

- Flowport™    

- Optimized Matrix    

- Solid body tweeter    

- Tweeter-on-Top    

Description: 3-way vented-box system

Drive Units:
1 x 1" Diamond dome high-frequency    
1 x 6" Continuum™ cone FST™ midrange    
2 x 8" Aerofoil™ bass units    

Frequency Range: 14 Hz to 35 kHz    

Frequency Response: ( +/-3 dB from reference axis ) 17 Hz to 28 kHz

Sensitivity: ( 1m on axis at 2.83Vrms )  90 dB

Harmonic Distortion:
- 2nd and 3rd harmonics ( 90 dB, 1m on axis )    
- <1 % 80Hz - 20kHz    
- <0.3% 100Hz - 20kHz

Nominal Impedance ( min ) 8Ω ( minimum 3.0Ω )     

Recommended Amplifier Power50 watt - 500 watt into 8Ω on unclipped program   

Max. Recommended Cable Impedance 0.1Ω     

Dimensions: ( H ) 1212 mm x ( W ) 390 mm x ( D ) 583 mm not including feet

Net Weight: 208 lbs

Cabinet FinishesGloss BlackWhiteSatin RosenutSatin Walnut

GrilleBlack or Grey depending on finish

Bowers & Wilkins 802 D4 User's Manual