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HTM82 D4

HTM82 D4

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The HTM82 D4 high-end center channel speaker is the perfect solution for Theatre systems based on the more compact 803 D4 or 804 D4. For Availability & Purchasing, please call us at (702) 910-4913 or contact us via chat.

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Excellence. Evolved.

This is not just another speaker range. Each new generation of 800 Series Diamond is a landmark event for Bowers & Wilkins. The benchmark, the icon; the most advanced range of loudspeakers B&W knows how to make.

Its more compact midrange drive unit is ideally sized to match those of its siblings and its ample output will ensure a seamless and cohesive listening experience.

Diamond Dome Tweeter 

One of B&W's most significant accomplishments over the past two decades, the ultra-stiff, supremely accurate Diamond dome tweeter is the perfect combination of low mass, exceptional stiffness and outstanding accuracy. It captures detail other tweeters leave behind.

Continuum Cone
Introduced as a huge revolutionary change in 2015, and now a fundamental part in every loudspeaker B&W makes, the Continuum cone has exceptionally low noisse, ensuring outstanding resolution without coloration.

Solid Body Tweeter
The latest incarnation of B&W's iconic Solid Body Tweeter-on-Top housing features an elongated form with a longer tube-loading system, producing an even more free and open sound with high frequencies. As before, the carefully decoupled housing is milled from a single solid block of aluminium to better resist resonance.

Reverse Wrap Cabinet
Instead of a flat-fronted speaker with a curving back, B&W cabinets are formed from one continuous curve, held together with a spine of solid aluminium. Fewer joins make for a stiffer, more inert structure, and a curved front means less baffling around the drive units. So sound dispersion is improved, and cabinet reflection is reduced.

Matrix bracing uses interlocking panels to reinforce loudspeaker cabinet walls in all directions internally, reducing resonance and creating a more believable soundstage. Every model in the new 800 Series Diamond benefits from an upgraded Matrix design that combines solid plywood construction with aluminium bracing to reinforce key stress points.

Biomimetic Suspension
Now, B&W has turned their attention to another crucial element in a loudspeaker cone: the fabric spider. The all-new Biomimetic Suspension revolutionizes midrange cone performance by greatly reducing the unwanted air pressure and coloration that a conventional fabric spider can generate. The result? Midrange transparency you wouldn’t believe possible.

Aerofoil Bass Cone
B&W's Aerofoil bass cone technology remains an outstanding solution to the conundrum of combining low mass and high stiffness, thanks to its carbon-fibre skin and variable-profile foam core. Now, B&W has added the foam Anti-Resonance Plug for lower distortion and even cleaner bass.

Decoupled Midrange Assembly
Every 800 Series Diamond loudspeaker aside from the stand-mount 805 D4 has a dedicated midrange cone using four key Bowers & Wilkins technologies: the Continuum cone, FST , Biomimetic Suspension and midrange decoupling, the latter ensuring minimal interference from the operation of the loudspeaker’s bass drivers.

All stereo models in the new 800 Series Diamond range now use rear-mounted crossover designs mounted on stiff aluminium spines. This isolates the sensitive capacitors from the unwanted effects of air pressure within the enclosure and makes for a very effective heatsink to ensure optimum performance when in use.


Frequency Response: 45Hz to 28kHz (+/-3dB from reference axis)

Nominal Impedance: 8Ω (minimum 3.0Ω)

Sensitivity: 89dB (on axis at 2.83Vrms at 1m)

Recommended Amplifier Power: 50W – 200W into 8Ω on unclipped programme

Weight: 55.44 lbs

Dimensions: 28.15 x 11.38 x 14.53 inches