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TF-2 Moving Coil Step-Up Transformer

TF-2 Moving Coil Step-Up Transformer

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Maybe it's upgrade time. Out with the MM cartridge, and in with the new high resolution MC model. The Bryston TF-2 is the perfect companion that will bridge the gap between your perfectly fine low-gain MM stage and your new low output cartridge. By providing either 20dB or 31dB of gain (your choice at time of order) without the use of any active circuitry, you can get just the boost you need with superb clarity and virtually no added distortion. The Bryston TF-2 is a top quality step-up-a difference you'll hear right from the first listen.


- Available in 20 or 31dB gain

- Totally passive gain stage

- Use with existing MM gain stage when using low to medium output cartridges

Options: Silver or black faceplate

Bryston TF-2 Moving Coil Step-Up Transformer User's Manual




5.7" ( W ) x 2.75" ( H ) x 8.25" ( D )


3.6 lbs

Analog Connections:

RCA in | RCA out

Output Impedance

TF2-20: 4.71kΩ | TF2-30: 4.85kΩ

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