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Single Room Hub & Controller, C4-CORE-LITE-RSK

Single Room Hub & Controller, C4-CORE-LITE-RSK

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SR260 Remotes with a CORE controller

The Single Room Bundle with CORE lite + SR-260 is a complete entry-point solution that will provide customers with the full Control4® Experience. CORE lite is the foundation for the bundle, providing universal control, intelligent automation experiences, high-resolution audio streaming, an HD OnScreen menu, and cloud services. The SR-260 with Charging Station gives customers reliable access to all their devices using tactile buttons for responsive and intuitive one-handed control. This bundle is a great option when WiFi reliability is a concern because the SR-260 relies on Zibee for a reliable connection. Deliver a comprehensive Control4® experience at an affordable price –with a CORE lite automation foundation and the robust, familiar controls of the SR-260 with Charging Cradle.

This bundle includes a CORE lite Controller and an SR260 with Recharge Station

The Time-tested SR260 remote

The SR260 is fast to wake, quick to respond, and always reliable. It features a familiar button layout that is intuitive, making it the perfect hand-held interface that anyone can use, even one-handed or in the dark. Program the custom buttons for easy access to favorite media, scenes and automations, while customers personalize the remote with color selection for the text, brightness controls, and languages selection, including support for right-to-left languages like Hebrew and Arabic. Supported in OS 3 and backwards compatible to OS 2.7, the SR260 is a sure win for any system.

CORE lite Foundation

The award-winning CORE Series Controllers are the foundation for intuitive control. As the most accessible controller, the CORE lite features a dual-core processor, a single zone of high-resolution audio streaming, an HD OnScreen Menu plus three 3.5mm ports for IR and serial control, an internal Zigbee antenna and a network port for wireless and IP control.