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Julian Lennon - JUDE , Vinyl

Julian Lennon - JUDE , Vinyl

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The album title JUDE is a nod to the legendary song Hey Jude by The Beatles, written by Paul McCartney to comfort 5-year-old Julian following his parents’ separation. Originally written as “Hey Jules” McCartney changed ‘Jules’ to ‘Jude’ because he thought it sounded better in the song. The tune became one of the band’s most successful tracks, topping the charts for 19 weeks after its release and remains a crowd-favorite in McCartney’s live shows today. Even though Lennon talks of having a love/hate relationship with the song, because it’s a reminder of an unhappy time in his life, he’s thankful for the support expressed through the lyrics, and over the years, the song has become part of his personal identity.

“Many of these songs have been in the works for several years, so it almost feels like a coming-of- age album,” said Lennon. With great respect for the overwhelming significance of the song written for me, the title JUDE conveys the very real journey of my life that these tracks represent.”


1.) Save Me

2.) Freedom

3.) Every Little Moment

4.) Not One Night

5.) Love Don’t Let Me Down

6.) Round and Round Again

7.) Love Never Dies

8.) Breathe

9.) Lucky Ones

10.) StayGaia ft. Paul Buchanan & Elissa Lauper