C363XC 6 1/2" Flush-Mount Speaker

C363XC 6 1/2" Flush-Mount Speaker

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The Revel C 363 XC is a 6.5” extreme climate flush-mount loudspeaker designed to deliver true high-performance Revel sound in any location that is hot, cold, damp, humid or wet. Free shipping to Continental US only !

The Revel C363XC is a 6.5” Extreme Climate Flush-Mount Loudspeaker.

As part of the XC series they have been specifically engineered and rigorously tested to perform to Revel's exacting standards in outdoor, damp, wet, or high-humidity and have been designed to withstand environmental abuses while not affecting performance. The C363XC is also resistant to corrosion from salt water and can be deployed in marine applications such as high-end yachts. The XC series flush mount loudspeakers are the first in a new range of extreme climate loudspeakers from Revel demonstrating that audiophile-caliber sound quality can be found in extreme climate applications.


- IP65 certified.

- 6.5” black aluminum-cone, cast-polymer-frame woofer.

- Require less than 2.8” mounting depth providing ideal installation solutions in applications where depth is a concern.

- 1” aluminum dome black tweeters.

- High-order crossover networks for clear, detailed sound, with a smooth tonal balance and extremely low distortion and coloration over a wider dynamic range.

- Zero-bezel magnetic grilles for a modern design that provides an elegant and unobtrusive appearance.



3.1 lbs

Included Accessories

Includes an extreme climate round zero-bezel magnetic grille

Nominal Impedance

8 ohms

Mounting depth

2.72"  deep

Recommended Amplifier Power

10 - 100 Watts RMS 

Sensitivity ( 2.83V/1m )


Frequency Range

-3dB from 50-15kHz; -10dB from 36-18kHz

Dimensions ( H x W x D )

Round grille finished dimension (dia.) 9.1"  I Cutout dimensions (dia.) 8" (20.3cm)


Round grille finished dimension (dia.) 9.1"  I Cutout dimensions (dia.) 8" (20.3cm)

Shipping Weight

4.6 lbs