The highest price is $3,500

Upgrade your home audio system with our collection of premium in-ceiling speakers. Designed for discreet installation in your ceiling, our in-ceiling speakers offer a seamless and stylish solution for adding immersive sound to any room without taking up valuable floor space.

Whether you're creating a dedicated home theater, setting up a multi-room audio system, or simply enhancing your living room entertainment, our in-ceiling speakers deliver exceptional sound quality with a minimal footprint. With their flush-mount design, our speakers seamlessly blend into your ceiling for a clean and unobtrusive look that complements any decor.

Our in-ceiling speakers are engineered to deliver clear and balanced sound reproduction, whether you're listening to music, watching movies, or enjoying your favorite podcasts. Featuring high-quality drivers, precision-engineered crossovers, and durable construction, our speakers ensure reliable and consistent performance for years to come.

With options available for both residential and commercial applications, our in-ceiling speakers are versatile enough to meet a wide range of audio needs. From single-room installations to whole-home audio systems, our speakers provide the flexibility and performance you need to create the perfect audio environment in any space.